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I can't thank you enough for the increased mobility I now have.
Patient suffering from Osteoarthritis.

The Kent Orthopaedic Group

We are a group of specialist orthopaedic surgeons working together to provide a new concept of care for patients in the private sector.

As a group, we can offer expertise in many areas and offer a unified service. Patients being treated by the group can be confident that their assessment and further treatment will be carried out by the most appropriate member of the group. We believe that all patients have a right to the highest quality advice, care and seamless service as standard.

The group has access to all the latest imaging modalities (MRI, CT scans) to aid in diagnosis and planning of treatment. Following diagnosis, the group works together with other therapists to optimise your individual treatment program.

Referrals are made to The Kent Orthopaedic Group, the most appropriate surgeon is then allocated to you. He will then be personally responsible for your care from that point on.

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